For people

I can help you improve your job search strategy, your LinkedIn profile, resume, cover letter, and interview skills. All that is related to remote work and the tech industry. 


One off sessions - 30 minutes

--75 CAD

One off sessions - 60 minutes

--100 CAD

Sessions package - 4 sessions of 60 minutes each in the period of one week to 4 months

--300 CAD

Resume review - 30 minutes briefing, review resume and one-hour session to discuss the feedback

--175 CAD

Resume rewrite - 20 minutes briefing, Re-write, one-hour session to discuss the feedback, Re-write, 30 minutes deliver and future strategies.

--400 CAD

Mock interview - a one-hour session that includes a mock interview and feedback.

--90 CAD

Practice English - one-hour session to talk about ANYTHING in English. I speak Portuguese and Spanish and I can help you practice your English. Please note that if you're outside of Canada, you can be eligible for 50% discount.

--60 CAD

Practice English Combo - 4 sessions of one hour each, same content of session above. 

--200 CAD

Interested? Schedule a 20 minutes briefing call and let's kick this off!


*Prices are set up for Canada and don't include taxes.

**Are you outside of Canada and want to emigrate from your country? You're eligible for 50% discount!